Heritage Ticket Displays

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We are a small business specialising in the display of pre 1923 railway tickets. After this date, UK railways were grouped into four larger Regional Companies and the existing colourful and infinitely variable pre-grouping ticket stock gradually disappeared. Fortunately tickets have long been of interest to collectors, with many examples surviving and these relics have been augmented by the occasional discovery of batches of lost tickets.

We produce quality copies of tickets from our own collection and present these in a variety of attractive frames.The tickets we use provide a fascinating insight into UK social history and they  illustrate how, when and where our ancestors travelled, worked and spent their leisure time. Many of our tickets are from long-abandoned lines and closed stations and our displays reflect the steady decline of the railway network in England Scotland and Wales.

Our products will be of interest to all those with a fascination in railway history, but they also make unique and very unusual presents.

Please visit our other pages for further details and to see the range of products and services we provide.