Heritage Ticket Displays

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To order your display, please follow the steps below

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1) Three sizes of frame are available. Please choose one of these.


   12"x14" for 10 tickets in portrait or 12 tickets in landscape format (£19.99)

   13"x16" for 15 tickets in either portrait or landscape format (£24.99) 

   18"x22" for 32 tickets in portrait or 30 tickets in landscape format £34.99)


2) Decide if you would like your display presented in portrait or landscape

    format. Please see site photos for format examples.

 3) Decide if you would like your tickets mounted on a light or dark

     background. Please see site photos for option examples.


 4) Decide if you would like a mixed display, chosen by us, or if you would

     prefer to customise your order. You can personalise your display,   

     at no extra charge, by going to the Customising Tab and selecting   

     those Pre-Grouping Companies you would like to be included.

     Alternatively, you can choose to order a dedicated display of certain

     ticket types (for example dog) or specific Companies or Areas, by

     selecting from those items marked with an asterisk (*)

  5) If you wish to purchase original tickets, please go to Tickets for Sale

      Gallery to check for current availability. Please note that tickets used

      in displays are not usually for sale.

  6) We also have some ready made displays of various types, which are

      available to purchase. Please visit the Displays for Sale gallery to view

      and to see which tickets are included.

    7) Please e mail us with your order, specifying frame size, format, choice

      of background and details of personalisation (if required). If you wish

      to order made-up frames or original tickets, please specify the code

      number of any items you wish to purchase. Alternatively, we are

      happy to take orders by phone.

   7) Postage and packing charges are a standard £5. Charges for multiple

      frames will be higher, but we will endeavour to keep these costs as

      low as possible and will confirm before posting. The P&P charge for

      original tickets is £1 (any quantity).

     8) Payment can be made by personal cheque or postal order. In the case of the

        former, orders will not be dispatched until the cheque has cleared. If you

        are in any way dissatisfied with your order, we will happily refund purchase

        costs on receipt of the returned item(s). Unfortunately, we cannot pay postal

        costs for returns.